Day Nine

I haven’t written for a few days, but looking back on my week, it was fairly productive.

I have two apps that I am about 80% toward releasing.  They are both simple, but the goal with each is to test the market for this kind of thing, and if there’s some attention, then I’ll develop the idea further.

I thought a little about how to break my time down and how to best measure my progress towards my goal.  I think that I should set up a number of apps and which apps I want to have completed by when for the entire summer.  It seems that if I was able to come up with 10 apps this summer, at least one of them would have some success.  If I can’t hit the target one in ten times, I’m doing something wrong and I’ll need to seriously reevaluate what I’m doing.

While I am doing that, I want to continue to develop my network and create those connection that will create contract opportunities, as a backup if my own app ideas don’t fly.  In order to do this I have taken on three current clients.  The first is the client I’ve had for a while.  It feels like we are wrapping up a little with him, but I suspect that he’ll have some more work he’d like me to do soon.

The second is a paid job for BYU.  One of the departmens there wants an app made and there’s a middle man that is hiring me to do it.  Here the trick is going to be getting this done as quickly as possible.  I don’t think this is the greatest opportunity, and so I don’t want it taking too much away.

The final is a volunteer opportunity that may turn into something more.  The project itself is a charity, money raising idea that uses mobile.  There the main thing I am gaining is access to certain people, and the potential opportunity to work with them in the future.  I want to put about 10 hours a week into this one.

I should continue to look for other ways to pick up contract work.  I should go to some of these other meetings, talk to people.

I think there may be an opportunity with Corona to do some education as well.  I bet if my buddy and I did some podcasting we’d be able to get some attention that we could turn into contract jobs.  That would be nice to work with someone else on this stuff.

The other thing that is on my mind for this week, is to being investigating what it would take to outsource some of the coding work.  It’s one thing to be an individual coder, this could be good money, but I think I’d be much more valuable if I have learned how to delegate some of the tasks to cheaper overseas labor.  This could also greatly increase my productive output.  I think there’s something there for me, and I don’t want to wait on it until I am discouraged.

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