Day Nineteen 1

It’s been about three weeks of the grand experiment. May day looks about like this: 8:00 wake up and feed crying children. 9:00 write code while adjusting babies. 11:00 feed babies again. 12:00 make some lunch and try to write a bit of code. 2:30 feed babies again. 3:30 write a little code. 5:30 feed kids. You get the idea.

I’ve had a little time to figure out what I want to accomplish in the next eight weeks. I’d like to put out at least an app a week for these 12 weeks. Because I’ll only be spending a week on each app, they will be small, but the idea is to cover a bunch of ground in order to try to get a sense for what the market feels like.

I’d like to do several apps by contracting the work rather than coding myself. There are certain projects that down the road I’d like to take on, but they are either too large for me to accomplish on my own or not something that is interesting enough to write myself.

I’ll do at least one contract job over the next few weeks. I already have this work lined up, it will start sometime next week.

Finally, I’d like to put some educational resources together, either blog tutorials or video instruction. This will probably revolve around Corona, as it’s something that we are getting into and I think that there’s not a lot of education for that platform yet.

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  1. Reply Vicki Wenderlich Jun 9,2011 3:02 pm

    Hi, I just found your blog from the comment you left on my website. I’m really enjoying reading it, and I wish you luck!

    One thing that jumped out at me while reading is that you intend to make a ton of apps in a three month period. While completing small apps is a good way to get your feet wet, keep in mind that most apps that do well are very polished. This takes time, a lot more time than you’ve budgeted for. You might think about spending three or four weeks on a single app once you’ve done a few small ones.

    My husband started developing for the iPhone almost 2 years ago, and as we’ve gotten better we actually spend MORE time per app rather than less… it took us a long time to realize that the difference between a mediocre app (that sells very poorly) and a good app (that actually gives us some money back) is the thought and polish (i.e. time) we put into it rather than the idea itself (although that has to be good too). Just a thought – I know you have limited time for this experiment.

    I also noticed that you are debating outsourcing some of the coding and other work. This is a GREAT idea! We don’t do that very much, since we hate spending money :] and we can do it ourselves, but it takes a lot longer and probably isn’t as efficient. We are working up to outsourcing more, but if you can figure out how to do it, that is a really great way to speed up progress.

    Have you checked out It’s a great blog by a guy who makes a living from passive income projects, from niche websites to making iPhone apps. He outsources a lot and in general has a ton of great advice.

    I hope some of that helps, and I can’t wait to see how this turns out for you!

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