Day Three

Had a good day today.  I spent about three hours working with my current client.  I talked to a guy from a University that may turn out to be a good contact.  I spent some time working with one of my partners.  I played portal 2 with a friend, which was very fun.

I need to come up with a strategy for how I’m going to spend the next 10 weeks.  I need some specific goals about how to best get my apps up and generate the right client base.  I think that there’s a good chance that I’ll be able to expand what I’m doing for my current client.  If I could get that to say 20 hours a week, and make sure it’s good for both of us, that would be great.  If I could work for him that much, I’d be able to pay most of my bills with that money.

This is turning into a journal entry what do I put on the blog?

There are a handful of ideas, the four letter word battle game, that could take some time, how much?  Talking calculator, that probably needs about 10 hours to be complete.  Twitter list maker, I still think this idea has potential.

How do I get clients, I need a website with some of my work, I need to have worked with some contractors, I need to talk to some of the guys that my dad made contact with.  People who are doing this now, Matt, etc.

What else can I do in the next 3 months to get work?

What else can I do to put out apps that will make money?

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