Day One

I have a goal.  I want to work for myself.  I want to spend my time pursuing my own ideas instead of working towards someone else’s goals.  I want to spend my time on those things that I think have the most value, instead of laboring for what can often be an arbitraty purpose.  I want to build something I have envisioned.

I have a good job.  I work for a large organization as an analyst.  I make good money and have great benefits.  The hours are reasonable and I almost never have to work overtime.  I work with really great people.  They are smart and I appreciate them.

But, I want to be my own master.  I want to pursue my own vision.

I’ve had this goal now for some time.  I went to college and then grad school, always intending to end up starting some small concern along the way, but I never got after it.  Once I graduated I needed some way to pay my bills and so I deliberately took a job that would allow me to moonlight as much as possible.  But, I found the job to be agreeable and I was recognized early for my contributions and I enjoyed working with the team.  So, I still didn’t really dive in to something on the side.

That was over two years ago.

I designed my educational experience around going into business for myself.  I got a business degree.  I studied law.  I took courses in negotiation, entrepreneurship, and business planning, among others, in order to tailor my education towards running a small business.

I now have an opportunity and a challenge.  My wife had twins several months ago.  For the next three months I’ll be taking care of them while she returns to work.  I have three months at home with my boys thanks to the FMLA.  While I am at home I have given myself this challenge, “Before the time is up, create an income that will replace the money you make at your analyst job so that when the time comes, you aren’t obligated to go back to work.”

I figure that after I have taken care of my boys, I have about 8 hours in a day to work on my pursuit.  This blog will chronicle my struggle.  The goal, make a business or businesses that can make me enough money to leave my job.  The timeline, 3 months.

In my mind it seems a huge accomplishment, but in truth, I think people are able to accomplish a similar level task every day.  I think if I’m successful I’ll look back and think, that wasn’t so hard, why did I wait so long.  Still, for me, it will be the culmination of the last ten years of my life, and the accomplishment of a goal I’ve had for myself all my life.  I believe that I have it in me to obtain my desire.  You, the readers of this blog, will keep me focused and honest.

You will hold me accountable.

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