Almost there, sort of . . .

I have had a great week!

If you’ve read some of my older posts you know that I used to work as a financial analyst at a Hospital.  The job I had was a great job in the market that I’m in.  The University is a large, stable organization with great benefits and I rarely had to work more than a full forty hour week.  I was paid better than most of the analysts in other fields in the SLC market.  But, I wasn’t happy.  I’ve always wanted to work for myself, always wanted to run my own show.

The benchmark for my success, the first milestone, is replacing the money that I was making at that job.  This week that happened, sort of.

This week my partner landed us a contract job that’s a substantial deal and should give us a good amount of work for the next several months.  I have some other income from other projects and the two things together should bring in more income than the day job was bringing in.

The only caviat is that I’m not sure how to compare what I was doing including benefits and considering the self employment and other taxes that I’ll have to pay, which I haven’t figured out yet.  Also, the contract job will end in two months, so who knows for sure what will happen after that.

Still, feels very good to be so close to that milestone.  There’s more and more work coming our way all the time.

Of course, the goal isn’t to make our living doing contract work, but to score big with a popular app.  But, until then, contract work is great . . . the idea that we can subsist on our own merit with the skills that we taught ourselves . . . it’s deeply satisfying.

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