Upgrading to Lion and Xcode 4.1

I had seen a bunch of my Apple Dev friends using Lion and so when it went live today I downloaded it first thing.  But, there were a couple of things that I had to do in order to get my dev environment going again (and a few I still haven’t figured out).

Once Lion is installed the old xcode release (4.0.2) quits working, telling you that you must upgrade to 10.6.6.  I went to the developer site and it still had the 4.0.2 disk image, so that was no help.  I didn’t want to go with the beta, because I have things that I’m in the middle of doing for clients and cannot afford to have beta tools on my primary dev machine.

I had heard that you could download the latest release of xcode from the App store.  So, I did that.  However, when that process was finished, I still had the same error message when I tried to launch Xcode.  The App Store listed Xcode as installed, but I couldn’t figure out how to launch that latest version.  Lucky for me, I stumbled onto the Xcode Installer by typing Xcode into Spotlight.  I now understand that you can get there through the Launchpad app as well, but that’s not how I found it.

Once I ran the Xcode installer, I was back in business.

I like many of Lion’s feature, like any new service I find things that have changed frustrating, but I think it will be great.

One thing I miss already is the three finger swipe up to toggle between .h and .m files, I loved that feature, maybe I just need to learn a new gesture.

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