So busy!

I’ve been working some contract gig for the last six weeks, I’ve been painfully neglectful of both twitter and the blog. I checked my traffic and it’s held steady in spite of my neglect, lucky me.

I’ve got some things on my radar, though. I’ve been working on learning and adding to the GPUImage framework that Brad Larson has put together. It is awesome! If you folks want some tutorials on that I’d be inclined to write some things. Basically, you can write your own shaders to to real time video processing (or stills). If you haven’t yet, download it, install the sample called Filter Showcase and see how awesome it is.

Also, I’m working on the Platformer Starter Kit that will be released on This should be a lot of fun and it will help you go from 0 to fully featured platformer. We’ve engaged a pixel artist and I’m finishing up the programming. I still have to write it, so it may be another month or so, but I’ve been working on this project now since November (in between contracting to pay the bills), so it’s very exciting to see the end of the tunnel.

Today I had the opportunity to talk to the guys from The mission of Third Rail Games is to create fun learning experiences. We’ve heard from lots of teachers lately that our game, Factor Samurai, is being used in the classroom. We think that is awesome. But, one thing that we know teachers need is information about what kids are learning when they use educational apps. They need data they can track to evaluate how well these apps teach the core principles to their students. That’s what Kodiak does. We are very excited about what this will do for the educational app (and in our case games) space. If you have any interest in education, check them out.

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