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iOS 6 by Tutorials was released a few days ago. The response has been really amazing. We’ve had almost as many retweets in the first week as we had all month last time. The new book is almost twice the size of iOS 5 by Tutorials. You can buy the book with a $10 early bird discount early bird discount is done, but still you can buy the book here!.

I was going to write two chapters on Core Image, unfortunately, the advanced chapter turned out to be too difficult and contained some bugs (marrying Core Image with Cocos2D can be problematic) so I only ended up writing one. However, I will be posting that stuff here next month. I’ll show you how to use Core Image to apply some cool effect to your games in Cocos2D. And, I’ll tell you where that starts to break down.

However, that one chapter is awesome! In it I show you how to build a complete video recording app that uses Core Image filters to do real time video processing effects. Here’s a video that shows the various filter effects that you can do. (I took this video with the app, all in one take).

Using the project you build in that chapter, it is very easy to add tons of other effects using Core Image.

You should definitely check out the new book, in addition to my Core Image chapter, there are tons of other chapters covering the new APIs that were made available to us devs last week.

4 thoughts on “New Core Image Chapter in iOS 6 By Tutorials

  1. Reply Hi Sep 27,2012 4:15 pm

    This looks cool. Are you able to see the video live at a decent frame rate as you’re recording with Core Image? I was fooling around with Brad Larson’s GPU Image benchmarking and it’s Core Image test was VERY slow. Were you able to overcome that? Or did iOS6 add some improvement? Looking forward to the tutorial.

    • Reply admin Sep 29,2012 5:48 pm

      Yes, this video was recorded using the app. But, it depends on the device and the complexity of the Core Image filter chain. GPUImage is significantly faster in any scenario. These filters don’t run very well on iPhone 4 hardware, they require at least the newer GPU that was included in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. The Gaussian blur and the Bloom filters are pretty GPU intensive so you can’t do too much if they are included.

  2. Reply Hi Oct 3,2012 7:48 pm

    Cool. Thanks for the reply.

  3. Reply infrid Apr 22,2013 8:17 pm

    Does the book include examples of saving opengl views to video?

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