Day Two

Today I accomplished a couple things, I had about 5 to 6 hours of good work.  I finally got out our update for my first iphone application.  I’ve been working now for almost a year with friends on creating iphone applications.  We have one app on the store now and it has enjoyed some success.  Nothing that could support a family but some good success.

We have been working on an expansion now for about 3 months.  We finally got it uploaded today.  This was due in part to me staying home and having the time to spend on it.

I also worked a little more on my talking calculator application.  This app is something 

I’ve been working on for a little while, it uses a voice recognition and is just kind of a proof of concept.  If I can get it to work then I can create games that use voice recognition with numbers.

I thought a lot today about what I’m going to do in order to accomplish my goal.  In these three months I have two strategies.  The first is less risky and less exciting.  The second is the glory, dream come true strategy, but requires more luck to work.  The first involves starting a consulting company that focuses on application development.  This is the more conservative strategy because if you are able to find the work, then your payment is guaranteed.  The other strategy is that I work on my own developmental ideas.  Whether I can compete in the crowded app store environment is what makes this strategy more risky.

In the last two years I’ve taught myself how to program for the iphone.  I have a little background in programming, in fact it’s something I’ve wanted to learn since I was a teenager.  I’ve spend a lot of time trying to wrap my head around objective-C.
Anyway, I need to lay out what I want to accomplish this next three months and examine whether I think that this will be enough to obtain the goal.  I have a half dozen ideas of apps that I want to create.  I think that 6 apps by the end of the three months should produce some decent income.

The other side is getting clients.  I currently have one client that does a modest amount of work.  If I could get two more like him I’d have enough.  I’m setting up a website as well as going to local entrepreneurship meetings to network with people who might need app development services.

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